Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in Kindermusik

The top 10 reasons to enroll in Kindermusik:
10. My child will be learning while having a lot of fun!

9. I will learn more about my child’s developmental abilities.

8. We will both make new friends that can last a lifetime. 

7. It will allow my child to use his/her creativity and imagination.

6.  Kindermusik improves my child’s physical coordination.

5. It improves my child’s listening and language skills.

4. Kindermusik prepares my child for future private music studies.

3. It provides wonderful bonding time for me and my child that lasts all week when we use the included At-Home materials (CDs, Books, instruments and more) which are ours to keep.

2. Kindermusik fosters joyful music making using quality instruments and recordings.

1. Kindermusik is the Best Choice for my child!

What do I get for my money?

  • A licensed Kindermusik educator who guides you with Foundations of Learning statements, which tell you how the activities are relevant to your child's development

  • An age appropriate, research based curriculum designed to foster your child's cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth.

  • A small group setting that will never be over-crowded

  • Quality At-Home materials that allow you to continue the fun and learning at home with the whole family

  • Time each week to focus on your child in a fun, nurturing environment

 Here's what Kindermusik has to say about The Benefits of Music.