Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a widely known curriculum that helps children learn skills that will help them to be successful with handwriting. The curriculum is appropriate for children, Pre-K through 5th grade.

The curriculum utilizes games, songs, and other fun activities to help children acquire the foundational skills necessary for proper handwriting development. 


Children work on:

·         Fine-motor strengthening skills, through such activities as letter building with play-dough,

·         Learning the correct pencil grip through silly songs and games,  

·         Attention skills through greeting songs and engaging activities,

·         print and cursive in a basic, easy to learn format


HWT teaches through the use of multiple senses and incorporates the whole body and brain in order to teach children of every learning style. This style of teaching helps to prepare students to adapt and succeed in other handwriting styles taught in their grade schools.


Because of the musical basis of everything we do here at Joyful Music and Dance Studios, HWT fully meets our expectations of a program that uses music as one of the methods for learning.


Our well trained, musically inclined instructors make the program shine at its best!
Handwriting Without Tears

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