Princess Dance Camp

Ages 3-6 years 
Excite and capture the imagination of your young dancer with one and a half hours of Princess Fun. Start with 25 minutes of structured ballet followed by dress-up, and a search for a Special Princess Guest. Then the young princesses will enjoy tea or story time with the princess, followed by princess dancing and craft time. The camp ends with an end-of-camp Princess Dance and graduation ceremony for both students and parents. *Price includes Princess Pack princess dress and tiara


$130   5 Day Camps Mon- Fri

Ages 3 yrs June 18th - June 22nd 9:30-11:00 AM 
Ages 3-4 yrs June 18th - June 22nd 11 AM- 12:30 PM
Ages 5-6 yrs June 6th  – June 10th  1:00-2:30 PM

$130   5 Week Camps (one day a week for 5 weeks)

Age 3 yrs  Fridays  10:00-11:30 AM  May 11th - June 8th  
Ages 3-4 yrs  Tuesdays  3:30-5:00 PM  May 8th - June 5th
Ages 4-5 yrs  Wednesdays  1:30-3:00 PM  May 9- June 6
Ages 4-6 yrs  Thursdays   4:00-5:30 PM May 10th- June 7th

Ages 3-5 yrs  Mondays  9:30-11:00 AM  July 9
th- Aug 6th

Call to Register Now   407-833-2729 
Below are pictures from Princess Camp in last year.