Fairy Tale Ballet- Princess Ballerinas

Fairy Tale Ballet ages 3-5 yrs

 We all want the best for our children and to know that we're giving them the confidence and skills they'll need to lead happy and successful lives. With the Princess Ballerinas® curriculum, we’ve crafted a program specifically for young children to introduce them to the joy of dance and imagination, but to also give them the skills and confidence to continue learning and growing for a lifetime. 
 The Princess Ballerinas® program combines:
  • The technique and terminology of a traditional dance class. 
  • The creativity of story and imagination. 
  • The joy of music and movement. 

In Princess Ballerinas® classes, children learn and grow at their own pace, handing them the tools to shape their own experience. By letting children advance individually, within a defined and collaborative program, Princess Ballerinas® receive more than fun dance classes. They’re becoming empowered, confident kids!

                                                           $65 per month
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Dance attire:
All dance classes have a set uniform and need to be ordered at Imagine If



Why take Pre Ballet?

Introductory dance class for the young child (ages 3-6) lay the foundation for future study in dance technique and enriches the child in five areas of development: physical, creative, social, cognitive, and emotional. The physical and creative aspects are the most obvious. The child explores new ways to move his/her body in directed and free form. Pretending to walk like a giraffe and float like a snowflake challenges the child to discover muscles not commonly used on the playground. These muscles are being prepared for the complex movements of the more mature dancer. For example, the child may associate a releve with the feeling of wearing high-heeled shoes. Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes also encourage social, cognitive, and emotional development. Creative movement need not be "taught"; rather, it is shared in class with a group of peers and provides a medium for self-expression the core of choreography. The accompanying music gives children clues and helps them set the mood of their dance. In Pre-Ballet, the child is further challenged physically and introduced to dance class etiquette. Cognitive skills of counting, sequencing, spatial awareness, and immersion in a second language (French) are basic to every dancer, beginning to professional.    By Robin Griffin