Ballet 1 & 2

Ballet 1 & 2 (By Placement Only)
-  2& 3 hours per week  In this class the student expands beyond the previous level.  Exercises that develop flexibility and strength accompanied by exercises for alignment and turnout.   This class requires prior ballet training.  Ballet 1&2 students meet twice a week to keep muscles stretched and to continue to develop ballet skills.  Students in Ballet 1 take take 2 hours of ballet each week and students in Ballet 2 take 1.5 hours of ballet and 1.5 hours of  lyrical dance each week. 
Ballet 1 is 2 hours per week (split into 1 hour twice per week)  
$100 per month
Ballet 2 is 3 hours per week (split into 1.5 hrs twice a week) 
$135 per month 
Dance attire:
All dance classes have a set uniform and need to be ordered at Joyful Music