ABC news Music Therapy Rebuilds the brain

Friday, May 13, 2011
Music Therapy is rewiring Rep. Gabrielle Giffords brian. Read the full story here!

How will Music Therapy with Joyful Music help my child?


·      Music therapy sessions provide a safe environment by using familiar songs, repetition, and imitation so your child feels comfortable to learn new skills.

·      Our Board Certified Music Therapist uses musical elements, such as rhythm, dynamics, and tempo, to stimulate and engage young children through all their senses in developmentally appropriate ways.

·      Music therapy encourages both verbal and non-verbal communication through interaction in structured musical activities.

·      Music therapy will motivate your child to actively engage in shared music making with peers, while working on social skills, cooperation, and communication.

·      Music therapy is a relationship between your child, the music therapist and, you, which is designed to support the developmental needs of your child.


At Joyful Music, we know that the natural structure, consistency and lightheartedness of music make it the perfect developmental tool for early childhood. Rhythm and sound have a powerful impact on learning, making it easier to memorize. Singing and memorizing songs is an important step to literacy. We have seen dramatic changes in our students’ articulation, intonation and word phrasing. Music also helps children to define social norms, such as taking turns and following directions. Most importantly music is fun and makes learning more fun for everyone.


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