Joyful Music & Pediatric Therapy

ABC news Music Therapy Rebuilds the brain

Music Therapy is rewiring Rep. Gabrielle Giffords brian. Read the full story here! How will MusicTherapy with Joyful Music help my child? · Music therapy sessions provide a safe environment by using familiarsongs, repetition, and imitation so your child feels comfortable to learn newskills.· Our Board Certified Music Therapist uses musical elements, such as rhythm,dynamics, and tempo, to stimulate and engage young children through all theirsenses in developmentally appropriate...

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Joyful Music at Puzzles

Joyful Music Day at Puzzles! August 10th 1:30-5:30 FREE DEMO CLASSES1:30-2:30 Kindermusik Family Time Ages 0-7 yrs3:00-3:30 Music Therapy Group Ages 8-12 yrs3:45-4:15 Music Therapy Group Ages 13-18 yrs 4:30-5:30 Kindermusik Family Time Ages 0-7 Call 407-833-2729 or email to reserve your spot in the class, or for more information Puzzles12720 S. Orange Blossom Trail #8Orlando, FL

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Music Therapy at Downs Syndrome Association of Central Florida

Today I had the pleasure of conducting the first Music Therapy group at the Downs Syndrome Of Central Florida. These kiddos are between 3 months-4yrs old. This was such a great experience, and it just had me glowing for the rest of the day. Music is so powerful! There was a mom that came up after class and said "my son is so shy, I couldn't believe the way he acted today, but he really loves music!" Because he loves music so much, he forgot about being shy and clinging to mommy. This boy was smi...

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Tamela Ponder, MT-BC 7/15/2010 4:55:00 PM Comments(0)

Blog Diary 3

Blog Diary #3: Tamela and I just had the most amazing therapy session. We saw one of the students she has been seeing for about the last 2 years and that we have been seeing together since December. The student has been non-verbal and is able to make sounds like “ma” and “ba” but rarely any words. Tamela and I have been researching neurology studies about music and the brain so we tried some new strategies today in the treatment session. All I can say is “WOW&...

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Music Therapy helps children with autism and developmental dyslexia use and understand speech.

Music Therapy in the news! At the annual meeting of the American Association for theAdvancement of Science, researchers shared new studies, which support the useof music therapy to improve language development in stroke patients. Gottfried Schlaug, associate professorof neurology at Harvard Medical School reports that, people who suffered strokeson the left side of the brain, affecting speech, can sometimes learn to communicatethrough singing. More research wasshown to support that music educa...

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Tamela Ponder, MT-BC 2/24/2010 1:15:00 PM Comments(0)

Blog Diary 2

Blog Diary: Last Saturday Tamela Ponder, Music Therapist and I went to the Heart and Hope Conference hosted by Family Network on Disabilities. So many vendors and parents were in attendance. People came from as far away as Tallahassee and St. Petersburg. It was great to meet so many people supporting children with special needs. Tamela and I were asked to do a break out session explaining how we are combining Music Therapy and Occupational Therapy in our pediatric program. Were in the last ...

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JM3 Intensive Program

Music Therapy and Occupational Therapy provide an intensive program for children with Autism and special needs. Joyful Music and Dance has been treating children with special needs through Music Therapy for the past two years. Tamela Ponder, Board Certified Music Therapist, knows first-hand how much music can motivate children to engage in the challenging activities that promote skill development. She has also witnessed how combining Music Therapy with other disciplines, like Occupational T...

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OT Diary

Daily Blog: Combining OT and Music Therapy has been one of the mostamazing things in my 15 years as an OT. I have watched students transform overthe last 2 months as they engage with music and therapy. One mother told usthat she had stopped Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy because herchild “just was not getting anywhere”. The parent felt speech had reached aplateau as well but noticed some big changes when the Music Therapy began. Shedescribed her child as having “come...

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JM3 -- Occupational & Music Therapy Treat Together

Joyful Music Mind and Motion is a strengths-based philosophyand curriculum that focuses on developing self-confidence and socialcompetence. We teach our students emotional regulation and social communicationstrategies through music, dance and art activities.The Occupational Therapist and Music Therapist work together with each student ina co-treatment setting followed by a group treatment setting. Why are OT and MT treating together?Music lends itself to immediate outcomes and provides a highsen...

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