Great Artists in History
Ages 2-6 years

Great Artists in History is a fun filled, educational art program based on some of the most famous artists in history.

Our art classes
teach children basic school and life readiness skills through the means of art.  Through making art and reading about famous artists, children build creativity, strengthen fine motor skills, socialize with other children, express their feelings through art, learn shapes and colors, and lengthen their attention span, all while having messy fun with tempera paints, pastels, chalk, watercolors, glue, and more.
Children learn a variety of true techniques for creating art and use more materials as they develop their artist capabilities. In this class, our instructor guides and promotes the development of children's creativity as they discover different styles of art and how to create it such as carving a sculpture out of plaster of paris, drawing a self-portrait, painting outdoors to create a landscape, or even making paint from egg yolks and chalk just like Giotto did in the Renaissance era of art.


All of our art classes are accompanied by beautiful popular music from the various areas of art being studied: Debussy, Copland, Gershwin, Ellington, Tchaikovsky, and more!
Drawing, Painting and More
Ages 8 and up

Join us in this all new Imagine If class, where young artists can explore their creative side through varying mediums of art.  They will use paint, chalk/pastels, clay, pencils, and so much more, learning technique the whole way! 


Art Classes:
Great Artists in History Ages 2-4, Wednesday's 10-10:45 AM
Great Artists in History Ages 4-7 Friday's 4-4:45 PM
Drawing, Painting and More Ages 8 and up Friday's 5-5:45 PM