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JOY is in everything we do.

Experience how your child will explore the whimsical sounds and magic of music, bonding with their family members and peers, while learning, laughing and growing.  Classes at our studio stimulate and strengthen your child's cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development. Our caring licensed educators nurture and accelerate your child's development through our music and movement programs.

At Imagine If, we’re Different and the Difference Benefits Your Child; where you’re not just a customer, you’re Family. From Kindermusik for infants and toddlers to the Dance Academy and Instrument Lessons for your elementary, middle or high schooler, every step of the way Joyful Music and Dance is there for your family. Your child’s life will be filled with the Joy of Dance, Mastery of Musical Instruments, the Creativity of Artistic Expression and the ongoing impact an early introduction to music provides. 

We are proud to offer:
The Dance Academy
Art Classes
Piano Lessons
Guitar Lessons 
Voice Lessons
Handwriting without Tears
 Erica DeVuyst,  owner, and Licensed Kindermusik, and Handwriting Without Tears Educator holds an AA Degree from Valencia.  She has been a member of various chorus groups including her high school ensemble and church choirs.  Erica has held management positions in such companies as, "Life Tigers" and "Build a Bear". When asked, "What is one of the things that brings you the greatest joy in life?" she would say, without hesitation that it is the time she gets to spend playing and laughing with children. Erica has a great love for all children and a special place in her heart for orphans.  She has been on three humanitarian trips to work with orphans in Romania and Russia.  You can read the full story of how Erica became part of Joyful Music and Dance Studios/Imagine If by clicking Erica's Dream Come True.
Ms. Erica currently teaches Kindermusik and Handwriting Without Tears.